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Professional Looking Business Email Addresses

Your email address plays a necessary part in the image of your business.

The absolute simplest way to use the Internet to give a boost to your business image, even without a website, is to begin using your own Internet address in your emails.

Your Prospect's Perspective

Let's consider your prospect's perspective because email is an increasingly significant point of customer or client contact.

Advertise instead of and you'll earn respect instead of suspicion in the minds of your prospects even before you meet them or talk with them.

You need to show your prospects and customers alike ...

  • that you have faith your business is here to stay;
  • that you really do care about the image you create in their mind about your business;
  • and yes, your business can afford the extremely small outlay required for a professional looking email address.

Otherwise there's immediately a potential deterrent to that prospect doing business with you - something that could have easily been avoided. It's an "image" issue.

An address for your business like is even more effective for image and credibility than an address like or etc. Your own Internet address really focuses attention on your business name. Why should you advertise Bigpond, Optusnet or AAPT in your business email address?

Save Time and Money

Having your own business email address also gives you flexibility and can save you time and money...

An address like can be set up very simply to automatically forward to any other email address, or be received directly in to your existing mail program, so you can still receive your email in exactly the same way you do now.

If you change your current Internet Service Provider from Bigpond (or you change from, etc), you won't need to change all your business stationery and advise all your contacts of a new email address. You'll be able to make a simple adjustment to the way your mail is directed.

You'll continue to receive email without interruption and with no fuss you'll have managed your change of email address. This type of task might otherwise cost you hours of work and considerable expense.

You'll be able to access your email from anywhere in the world too.

How Many Addresses?

When you're considering what type of address you should have for your business, or the number of addresses you should have, these days you have to think about more than your own needs unfortunately. You have to think about trying to avoid "spam" problems too.

"Spam" is the unsolicited commercial email that many of us receive in our inboxes these days and besides being illegal and very annoying, a lot of these emails can be very offensive too.

A common way for spammers to collect email addresses now is to use software to search through websites looking for addresses that are displayed on the site, or even if not displayed, the address may be coded in to the site in a standard email address format.

On the websites I build I use special methods to deter spammers, but it can also be a good added measure to have an email address that's dedicated solely to your website, like That address would never be used for any other purpose. You would have another address like that you would use as your professional business email address for off-line promotions, business cards, personal referrals etc.

Then if one day you start receiving a lot of spam to, you can simply have that address deleted and create a replacement address for your website like Because you will never have used the info@ address for any purpose other than to permit contact from your website, you don't need to let anyone know that the address has changed.

My Solution

I can help you register a domain name like at a place that can save you up to $200, and I'll show you how you could also then have an unlimited number of email addresses associated with it like,, etc ... all extremely cost effectively.

To find out more about how you can easily, and at a very low cost, set up professional looking email addresses for your business, take a look at options and costs here.


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