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Small Business Web Design Brisbane: Simple, Low Cost Websites for Australian Small and Home-Based Businesses

"Small Business Web Design Brisbane" is a service provided by Insight Resources

Simple, Practical, Professional Web Design in Brisbane

You may be thinking this is quite a simple looking website from someone who says he does "web design". There's nothing particularly fancy about it. No super snazzy graphics, animations or flash video and so on.

Well, I'm not trying to compete with the typical website graphic designer. I'm simply a small business owner providing an alternative approach to web design in Brisbane for other typical one or two person small businesses - particularly home-based businesses - who want an easy, cost effective solution.

Even so, the site design is practical and suits many small business owners ...

"I am absolutely thrilled with the results!!" Evonne (... more here)

And it's certainly capable of helping people to find your business on the Internet ...

"I have found that within a short time it has been picked up by Google and has been placed towards the top of the search page." Leeann (... more here)

The design of this "Small Business Web Design Brisbane" site is an example of the sort of design you could have for your own home-based business very quickly and at a very affordable investment. That's precisely why this website looks this way.

Of course even though my web design service is based in Brisbane, it isn't just provided to businesses looking for a website designer in Brisbane. I can provide these services to small or home-based businesses anywhere in Australia.

I've thought about what you'd want in a small business web design. The typical Aussie isn't pretentious, so you want something clean, clear and practical. No frills ... Simple. As long as the message is delivered, that's all that's truly important.

Your first website - a "web brochure"

Every business can benefit from an Internet presence. It can give a real boost to your business image and credibility, but many don't need or can't justify the cost of a website with all the "bells and whistles" for their first website ... particularly very small home-based businesses.

You don't want to spend a lot and you want to know what to expect with cost so it doesn't get out of control as the site is being built.

So, that's exactly what I give you in my "Small Business Web Design Brisbane" service.

Your website can be built for you at a very low investment ... just $350 instead of thousands.

"... it is great value for money in terms of on-going advertising for your business". Kerrie (... more here)

I call these websites "web brochures".

What exactly do I mean by a "web brochure"?

By "web brochure" what I'm referring to is a one page web presence providing basic information about your business, just like a printed brochure would do.

You can include things like the benefits of dealing with your business, an overview of the products and services you offer, you or your business's background, and your contact details. It's designed to be around 700-800 words only.

It uses a standardised page template (view one of the template styles in a new window here), but you're able to customise the main colours used on the page so they closely reflect the colours used in your business.

In fact, to see exactly what you can do to customise a web brochure site you can visit and play around with colour combinations and effects for free for as long as you like, as well as trying out different text styles and sizes. Online help is available there too.

When you're happy with what you create there, after clicking "Update Page" you have the option to simply complete your details at the top of that page and click "Submit". That sends your final preferences directly to me automatically so it can form the basis for your website should you decide to go ahead. There's absolutely no obligation. Why not go there now and just have fun with it.

A web brochure can include two images, one of which could of course be your logo. Other images and text can also be added by arrangement.

Take a it can form the basis for your website should you decide to go ahead. There's absolutely no obligation. Why not go there now and just have fun with it.

You can include two images, one of which could of course be your logo. Other images and text can also be added by snippets of comments from happy web brochure owners. You can see their full comments here.

"I have had such a good response since it went online and wish I had acted sooner in getting one made." - Kieran

"Thank you so much for creating a professional but affordable web brochure to assist in advertising my business. I am thrilled with the result!
" - Kelly

"At first the whole idea of creating a web brochure was a very daunting task, but I have to say Darryl that you made the whole process effortless."
- Ann

"I would not hesitate to recommend Insight Resources, as Darryl had my website up and running in no time and was always aware of keeping my costs down to a minimum." - Carolyn

"I strongly recommend Darryl to you and found him easy to deal with, responsive and gives you a result you can bank on!"
- Bryan

"We have had response from the site already so the meagre amount spent to get us up and running has been returned well and truly." - Trevor

(You can see the full testimonials plus others here.)

Some website designers suggest a web brochure could be multiple information pages linked together, but I prefer to use the term "web brochure" to draw a distinction between a multi-page website and a single information page.

A web brochure like this is a very cost effective way to get your first business website. Once your web page has been created it will then only cost you "small change" following that to make it available on the Internet (as low as $6.60 a month).

Are you thinking it may be too hard for you? Or maybe that you don't need a website yet?


Perhaps you've thought it might be nice to be a part of what's happening on the Internet, but it seemed too hard, or too expensive, or you just didn't know where to start?

Well I'll guide you step by step all the way, and you might be surprised to find how easy it is to get started with your own Internet presence right away.

"Not being all that computer literate, I found (Darryl's) layout and directions very easy to follow, allowing me the luxury of composing my own content. He was always professional, obliging and very patient, and believe me I put him to the test." Sue-Anne (... more here)

In reality, in the 21st century I believe we're past it being "nice" for a business to have its own Internet presence - it's genuinely becoming a necessity.

My Brisbane-based small business website design service takes your local business to the web without you having to outlay many hundreds of dollars, or even thousands, to have a website built, spending hours working with website designers, and learning about websites and the Internet.

Over time you may want to expand your web brochure into a larger multi-page website. That's fine too. Your one page site can grow into a fully linked, multiple page website at any time if/when you're ready. And while keeping it simple, but eye-catching and effective, you'll be able to keep your costs down significantly.

The BENEFITS of a web brochure

  1. A web brochure is a simple, easy, and low cost way for many small local businesses to have their own Internet presence. When/if you later feel you want to have a full website built, the information on the web brochure can act as the starting point for what will go in to the final website, whether or not you continue to use the "Small Business Web Design Brisbane" service.
  2. In the meantime you can promote the web brochure's address as your web address: you can put it on business cards, direct people to it verbally, put it on your letterhead, add it to the end of emails and promotional literature, place it in advertisements and so on. Then you have the credibility of an Internet address, but without much of the cost, lost time, and hassle.
  3. There's no need to hire a specialist graphic designer/developer or learn how to create a website on your own.
  4. Avoid the expense of printing and handing out multi-coloured glossy brochures to your potential customers. Instead simply drive potential customers to your online brochure to tell them about your business.
  5. You can add extra useful features in too, like your latest business or industry news, and current special offers. These things change too regularly for a paper brochure, but the Internet is perfect for them.
  6. If you want to change something in a web brochure it's much simpler and cheaper than reprinting thousands of colour brochures.

Professional looking business email addresses


Did you realise that even without a website, you can still boost your business image simply by arranging professional looking email addresses based on your business name, such as My "Small Business Website Design" service can help you with this too.

What could you gain from using a different email address? More business!

That's right. If you're currently using a free email address at,, or similar for your business, you may actually be losing business.
Read more here...

How to arrange your new web brochure and professional email addresses


So, if you feel you're ready for your first business website without spending a fortune, what should you do now? First, consider the several options available to you for both web brochures and professional business email addresses.

Next, simply contact me here (this takes you to the special contact page on my Insight Resources business website) to let me know you're interested in discussing the suitability of a web brochure for your business. If you decide to go ahead, I'll guide you from there.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you establish your first business presence on the Internet.

Best regards,
Darryl West
Insight Resources
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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