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Options and Costs

You can choose to just have a web brochure, or have a web brochure plus professional business email addresses with in your addresses, or you can even choose to just have the email addresses and no website if you like. When considering what to do about email addresses, this information will be helpful.

Registering your own Internet address - your "Domain Name"

I'd highly recommend that you use your own business name in your Internet address, like - assuming of course your preferred name is still available. It provides maximum business credibility on the Internet and so is a very worthwhile expense for every business, large or small.

It's best to get your business's domain name as soon as you can. Domain name registrations are on a "first come, first served" basis. Names can't be reserved so why not register yours now so that no other business can. It's a very reasonable cost for securing your place on the Internet for the future of your business. (By the way, I'm not on a commission for domain name registrations - I'm just a firm believer that every business should claim its right to use their preferred name on the Internet before anyone else can get it.)

There's a little work involved in registering your own domain name, but not much. Let me help you with this whole process to make sure it works properly. If you use the wrong registrar it could cost you much more than necessary.

Once you've registered your domain name you'll also be able to set up an unlimited number of professional looking email addresses for your business whenever you want to.

To register your own name is a separate process, performed through an accredited Domain Name Registrar. Prices to register "domain names" vary significantly depending on the registrar you choose. A "" domain name registration can cost as low as $30 for two years registration, but I've seen prices as high as $225 for two years!

Be aware though that the lowest price is not always the best option. There are some traps. I'll help you so you get the best value for money I can find, including the features you need to make this work with your web brochure.

Cost details (GST does not apply)

To begin with, if you aren't yet ready for any sort of website but would like to set up your own domain name and email addresses to improve business credibility, the investment for business email addresses only are shown in Option 3 below.

If you're ready for your own small business web brochure, there are currently two options for its style - Top Menu or Side Menu.

OPTION 1 - Brochure with Top
OPTION 2 - Brochure with Side
OPTION 3 - Domain name
                  and Email only
700-800 word web brochure with the navigation menu at the top of the page (view top menu template here) 700-800 word web brochure with the navigation menu on the left side of the page (view side menu template here) No web brochure
Capability to have a colour gradient in the page background (two colours or two shades of one colour merging, like in the example above) As for Option 1 Not applicable
Two images included, one of which can be your business logo As for Option 1 Not applicable
Customisable colours, fonts and sub-headings As for Option 1 Not applicable
Up to two domain name based email accounts, such as, etc if you wish (optional).

Extra accounts can be set up by arrangement (see below for cost).

[NOTE: When your email address is going to be displayed on a website, seriously consider having a second address for reasons you can see here: "How Many Addresses?".]
As for Option 1 As for Option 1
Your own hosting account dedicated to As for Option 1 As for Option 1
Basic search engine keyword research plus submission of your website to the three major search engines - Google, Bing and Yahoo As for Option 1 Not applicable
Ability to add some extra information or images to your web brochure by arrangement (see below for cost) As for Option 1 Not applicable
Ability to re-use this hosting account for a full website when/if you want one built As for Option 1 As for Option 1
$350.00 (web brochure)
$ 30.00 for 2 yrs (domain)
$  6.60 per mth (hosting *)
$350.00 (web brochure)
$ 30.00 for 2 yrs
$  6.60 per mth
(hosting *)
$ 45.00 (set up & configure)
$ 30.00 for 2 yrs
4.40 per mth
(hosting *)

* IMPORTANT NOTE: Hosting fees in this table are website or email hosting client-only rates.

Additional services and costs if applicable (GST does not apply)

Assistance to register your business name as a domain name $Nil
Periodic backup of your web brochure $Nil (included)
Extra images on your web brochure $15.00 per image
Extra words on your web brochure Can be negotiated - often no extra charge
Add an extra page Normally $60 - $100 depending on your requirements
Extra email accounts $10.00 each for setup

If you want to configure the email account to work with MS Outlook Express or MS Outlook and you'd like my help to do this (optional) - $30.00 for the first account and $10.00 each for extra addresses
**For Option 3 only** - A "parked page" for your domain name including a clickable contact link so if someone tries your domain name looking for a website they find a way to contact you. This is like a default web page. You can see an example here. $30.00
Updating and editing as required Rates as per my standard editing service as advised on my website



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